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Shared Mailbox added in outlook profile but, where will Sent Item be saved?

There is a common query across everywhere, when we add a shared mailbox in outlook profile and sending a mail from that account (using Send-As or Send On Behalf of) by specifying it in From field, mail item will be saved into ‘Sent Item’ of primary mailbox instead of ‘Sent Item’ folder of shared mailbox as per normal behaviour of Outlook.

Something like when I opened ‘Support’ mailbox in my outlook profile as an additional mailbox and sending mail from ‘Support’ mailbox by specifying it into From field. It will be saved into ‘Sent Item’ of Amit Tank’s mailbox and not in Sent Item of ‘Support’ mailbox.!!

So how do we configure it to be saved into Sent Item of Shared mailbox by default? So far we had to use some third-party utility like IvaSoft Unisent but now Microsoft has given an easy solution for it.


Outlook 2007: Microsoft has released an Outlook 2007 hotfix package dated June 30, 2009 to resolve certain issues and this issue is addressed in that list.

So Install this hotfix package and add a registry key to make it enable.

1. Hotfix: Description of the Outlook 2007 hotfix package (Outlook.msp): June 30, 2009

2. Set below registry key as per KB972148 to enable this functionality.


Voila! Now all mails, sent from shared mailbox account, are being saved into ‘Sent Item’ of shared mailbox.


Outlook 2003: Similar hotfix KB953803 requires to be installed for Outlook 2003 and add the registry key mentioned in KB953804 to enable this functionality.

Written by Amit Tank

July 15, 2009 at 9:23 pm