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Transport rules with "When *XYZ* contain specific words" condition changes after UR9 or SP2

Prior to Exchange 2007 SP1 UR9 transport rule actions like “When* XYZ* Contains Specific Words” used to search the strings and matches even if it is a substring contained by any of the words.

For Example: If you define “change” as the specific word, any words that contains “change” as a substring, such as “Exchange” or “changes” considered matches.

But this behaviour is changed starting with Update Rollup 9 for Exchange 2007 SP1 and with Exchange 2007 SP2, these conditions match only actual word.

  • If you have any of transport rules with these conditions to match only the actual word, no action is require and existing rules will be recompiled after Update Rollup 9 or Exchange 2007 SP2 is installed and the Exchange Transport service is restarted.
  • If you have any such rule with these conditions to search for pattern then it will not work after Update Rollup 9 or Exchange 2007 SP2 are installed and you have to rebuild your transport rules with “When* XYZ* contains text patterns” instead of “When *XYZ* contains specific words”. 

So keep this in mind while updating Exchange 2007 with Update Rollup 9 of Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2!

* = where XYZ could be subject, body, from address, or header.

Written by Amit Tank

August 26, 2009 at 10:44 am

Posted in Exchange, Exchange 2007

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