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Exchange 2010: Custom Search Engine


Often people ask about official document and information on various new features of Exchange Server 2010. You can get all information available at primary Exchange 2010 site and/or at TechNet.

But when you try to find such information with any search engine, it gives hell lot of sites which might be related and might not be, and takes more time to differentiate relevant information. So what do you do if you just want to explore the information only on those two sites.

Here is a custom search engine which just grabs information from these two sites.

Exchange Server 2010 Custom Search Engine:

Exchange 2010 Custom Search Engine 

Similarly if you are planning to post any question on Exchange 2010 TechNet forum, you may search related string in forum search engine before posting over there, it might have been already discussed and you don’t have to wait for any responses from anybody.

Exchange Server 2010 TechNet Forum Search Engine:

 Exchange 2010 Forum Search Engine


Written by Amit Tank

May 10, 2009 at 12:51 pm

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