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Native SCOM Exchange 2007 Management Pack – Beta Available!

Justin Gao has posted an article that Beta version of native SCOM Exchange 2007 Management Pack is available now and RTM might be released in Q2 this year.


List of new or updated features of this beta version:

  • Equivalent Monitoring Coverage. This beta management pack covers the same core set of rules and monitors as the previously released converted Exchange Server 2007 Management Pack.
  • Support for monitoring any number of Exchange Organizations using a single Management Group. There are no specific requirements imposed by this management pack for monitoring multiple Exchange Organizations.
  • Full support for clustered configurations and Log Shipping scenarios.
  • An extensive class model, showing the relevant Exchange 2007 Server Roles and components, as well as service-centric components, allowing you to measure availability or performance at the desired level of granularity. It also fully supports the Distributed Application Designer, allowing you to create custom Distributed Applications using the appropriate Exchange 2007 components.
  • Improved Low-privilege support. This management pack supports installing the agent with the minimum rights required by the Operations Manager Agent. This also enables the user to install the management pack in certain System Center Essentials scenarios
  • Improved Tasks. The management pack includes a number of tasks that simplify troubleshooting and alert resolution times.
  • Improved Topology Discovery. This management pack introduces a number of improvements to topology discovery.
  • Improved Synthetic Transactions. This management pack improves the support for the Exchange 2007 synthetic transactions in several ways:
  • All Synthetic Transactions that involve several Exchange servers (such as remote mail flow tests or Outlook Web Access (OWA) tests) are represented as Operations Manager perspectives that change state and can be shown in a state view. This makes it easier for an operator to quickly zoom in on a potential Mail Flow issue for example.
  • The management pack supports a number of mail flow transaction types, including local, intra-site, inter-site, cross-organization and internet.
  • Discovery of Exchange 2007 Server Roles are disabled by default, and no Exchange 2007 monitoring is applied by default. This allows you to discover and monitor your servers gradually, as well as tune the management pack as you bring more Agent-Managed Exchange 2007 servers into the Operations Manager environment.

Written by Amit Tank

April 7, 2009 at 4:18 am

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