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PowerShell Scriptomatic

Finally Powershell version of Scriptomatic is released.

Its useful to write Powershell code with WMI (Windows Instrumentation Management) in system management and administration.

This tool was created by Microsoft consultant and author Ed Wilson so many thanks to them.


Download : Windows PowerShell Scriptomatic


Some Features:

  • It writes code and when you click on Run in Control Pad it execute and give you value of standard properties for different WMI Class.
  • You can copy code to notepad by clicking on Notepad button in Control Pad



  • You may see various properties of a class at right side when you select Display Class Properties


  • You may select all properties of selected class in output when you select Use All Properties.


  • You can save the output in Txt / Xml / Csv file.


  • You may run the script against remote computer(s) by giving computer names.


Isn’t it cool instead or searching WMI Classes, their properties and writing Powershell code? Tags: ,

Written by Amit Tank

May 18, 2008 at 5:59 am

Posted in PowerShell, Script, Tools

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